Strategic Planning

Strategic planning empowers an organization’s leadership by revealing essential truths and establishing a foundation for prudent action. Our role may be to improve your market position, detect competitive threats, evaluate opportunities, isolate internal performance gaps or better serve your customers.  We can help you revisit your vision and mission, and then guide you through a strategic process to steer your organization into the future. We may alternatively become involved in a later stage in which we help you develop a creative response to a specific threat or opportunity.

Studies Conducted

Performed an analysis of strategic electrification and energy opportunities in California’s large food and beverage sector.

Participated in the development of a strategic plan to construct a framework to guide a municipal utility company

Contributed to development of a framework for a technology company’s distributed generation product, including identification of market segments, opportunities and potential technology applications.

Participated in a strategic plan to assess options for bidding demand-side resources into the forward capacity market.  Contributed to a baseline analysis and development of executable strategies based on analysis of internal and external drivers and a SWOT analysis.

Helped develop strategies for a large west coast utility to develop demand response resources and participating in wholesale markets.

Participated in a strategic plan to position an organization to address new opportunities as their focus has evolved.  This included helping the organization take stock of its purpose, review its strengths and limitations and redefine its mission.

Helped a fuel cell company find strategic partners for commercializing new product.

Provided analyses to support a strategic planning meeting with the Board of Governors in which the organization’s vision and mission were updated.

Co-authored a strategic study that included developing a basis for selecting among numerous smart grid technology options.

Helped this manufacturer of plug-in electric vehicle charging stations with early stage plans to develop demand response capabilities.

Assessed the extent to which goals of a client’s organization overlapped with a similar organization, and investigated options for establishing a common agenda.

Participated in developing a strategic plan to procure demand response at a cost less than an equivalent peaking power plant.

Contributed to an analysis of the feasibility of a manufacturing company entering the stationary power market.