Even the best run organizations benefit from a periodic assessment of their governance structure and performance.  Governance is the set of processes, customs and policies that characterize how an organization operates. It encompasses the goals of that organization and its interactions.  We have helped organizations strengthen their governance by analyzing the vision, policies, internal controls, transparency and agility of the whole and its parts. We leave clients with actionable and supported recommendations.

Studies Conducted

Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative. We participated in an annual evaluation of the Board of Directors and helped assess progress toward goals.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers. We participated in an evaluation of Board of Governors, collecting and analyzing data from Board members and staff about Board accomplishments, behaviors, strengths and performance gaps.

Reading Municipal Light Department.  We participated in a study that formed the basis for aligning the Board of Commissioners, a citizen’s advisory board and senior staff on a path toward improved operational effectiveness.

New Corporate Subsidiary.  We assisted management consultant Marc Goldsmith who created a new corporate subsidiary for a client.

Independent System Operator.  We assisted management consultant Marc Goldsmith in redesigning the Board of an ISO to comply with a legislative initiative, and conducted subsequent tasks to establish the integrity and effectiveness of the Board.

Engineers Week. We participated in a project to position the organization to address new opportunities, take stock of its purpose, review its strengths and limitations and redefine its mission.