Competitive Intelligence

Each competitive intelligence case we have taken on has been as unique as the individual client and the particular question that required an answer. Because these projects are normally of a sensitive nature they are conducted with the utmost professionalism and respect for client privacy. We have conducted investigations for clients throughout the energy sector and can help you with your confidential intelligence needs.

Studies Conducted

Project 1. Retained by an investment banking firm to assess the value of a company to determine whether to extend additional venture capital. This included an analysis of the competitive landscape for the company’s flagship product, its value chain and distribution paths and ultimate market prospects.

Project 2. Conducted an analysis of power marketers suspected of targeting a client’s most desirable high load factor customers.  This included an evaluation of the relative strengths and vulnerabilities of each marketer, and broader opportunities and threats.

Project 3. Conducted a competitor analysis for a utility company to better understand the major challenges facing each of its unregulated subsidiaries.

Project 4. Participated in a study for a utility client to assess one of its hallmark programs by analyzing similar programs offered by other companies and identifying the attributes that are markers of excellence.

Project 5. Conducted an analyses of a client’s peer companies in the area of customer satisfaction.  Analyzed internal and external drivers of satisfaction, trends and reasons for change.

Project 6.  Conducted a study for a client interested in monetizing its intellectual property. Researched and interviewed senior management at 17 intellectual property commercialization companies and selected five for client followup.

Project 7. Conducted interviews and research into companies that offer a particular energy-related service to produce a short list of best in class companies that the client planned to approach to explore business partnership possibilities.

Project 8. Conducted an analysis of states that have taken early steps to implement integrated demand-side management strategies to acquire insights and glean best practices.

Project 9. Analyzed energy companies for an equity investor to inform investment decisions.