Policy Analysis

We have helped organizations and jurisdictions over the past two decades anticipate and shape energy policy, achieve Energy Efficiency Resource Standards and seize advantage of policy changes through better preparation and early action. We have assisted utilities, governments and other stakeholders in an assortment of policy activities that advance energy efficiency objectives.

Studies Conducted

Massachusetts Technology Council. Contributed to an analysis of funding options for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. Prepared a proposal that was submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy for an energy efficiency and conservation block grant.

Southern California Edison. Performed an analysis of federal and state regulations influencing energy efficiency and demand response resources.

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Conducted a client study examining the implications of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

North American Energy Standards Board. Participated in development of measurement and verification protocols (adopted by FERC) for demand response and energy efficiency.

Connecticut Legislative Task Force. Provided consulting support to management consultant Marc Goldsmith who was retained for lead negotiations for a state electric deregulation initiative that was subsequently enacted.

Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation. Assisted in a collaborative project to assess how market-based policy initiatives such as a road pricing strategies could be used to reduce vehicle use and emissions.

Edison Electric Institute.  Helped develop a set of principals for evaluating appliance efficiency standards.

Energy Future Holdings. Participated in a policy analysis of different forms of regulatory incentives to promote energy efficiency and advanced technologies.

New York City Economic Development Corporation. Participated in a traffic congestion mitigation plan for New York City that would reduce vehicle emissions.