Market Studies

We have provided clients with the market intelligence needed to make informed decisions. This can mean evaluating the advisability of entering a particular market or understanding of the forces shaping a particular industry.  Results are used in ways as diverse as the studies themselves. They may serve as inputs to a business plan, a basis for  investment in a  technology, evidence in litigation or a context for examining the elements of a resource portfolio.

Studies Conducted

Connecticut Municipal Utilities. Contributed to a technology study to support a smart grid infrastructure project.

Hydro Quebec. Participated, under subcontract to Jacques Harvey Consultant and Associes, on a demand response market potential study.

Cabot Corporation. Identified market opportunities and risks associated with developing cogeneration at the company’s global manufacturing plants, with a goal of selling surplus electricity to the regional power grid.

Roumell Asset Management. Analyze energy markets to inform investment decisions. 2014.

Provided litigation support for a client involving a cogeneration plant that was cancelled. Established the value of this project based on a cost analysis of similar projects and interviews with independent power producers and financial institutions.

Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium. Conducted a market characterization study of the geothermal heat pump industry to quantify the monetary value of the installed technology base throughout the value chain.