Integrated DSM

Regulatory, societal and financial pressures to achieve deeper energy savings is driving interest in new ways to capture all feasible opportunities. A promising construct is integrated demand-side management, also known as IDSM.

This involves the integration of energy efficiency, demand response, distributed generation and storage. It is supported by advances in metering, communications, building energy management and technologies that blur traditional boundaries between resources.

Interest in this framework is picking up in states and jurisdictions as the intrinsic merit of IDSM becomes more widely recognized. Lessons from early pilot studies are getting disseminated, thus increasing industry confidence and offering concrete ideas for action.

Impact evaluation within this construct creates new challenges because IDSM encompasses a broad set of measures and activities with interactions that must be teased out and properly attributed.


Southern California Edison. Analyzed IDSM developments in other states and jurisdictions to prospect for early lessons and opportunities.

Association of Energy Services Professionals. Moderated an AESP Brownbag webinar, “IDSM Developments and Early Lessons”.

Southern California Edison. Participated in analyses to support the statewide IDSM roadmap.

SemaConnect. Conducted an analysis for a plug-in electric vehicle charging station manufacturer to integrate commercial chargers into demand response.

EUEC Conference. Presentation, “EM&V Variations Across Jurisdictions”.