For over 30 years I have had the pleasure of working with clients to offer personalized consulting services in the clean energy sector.  My focus has been the advancement of an efficient, interconnected electric grid that integrates renewable energy, EV charging loads, demand response and other distributed energy resources.

As I phase in retirement after a long career I am re-starting my independent consulting work after leaving my talented colleages at Energetics/Clearesult where I served as a senior practice consultant working on EV charging infrastructure programs, including on the collective California Statewide programs that represent over $1B in EV charging infrastructure investment.

Technical Advisory Committee. Ryn is a member of an advisory committee for Southern California Edison Dynamic Rate Pilot engaged in advancing demand flexibility solutions.

Electric Grid Integration. Ryn has helped develop and implement distributed energy resource (DER) projects, evaluate options for providing grid ancillary services and more.

Demand Response. Ryn has helped clients develop strategic plans surrounding demand response, estimation of market potential, participation in ISO/RTO markets, analysis of baseline methodologies and more.

Strategy. The industry is changing quickly and organizations are facing complex strategic challenges. Ryn has helped clients bring relevant issues and threats into focus to achieve competitive advantage.

Energy Efficiency.  Ryn has helped utilities and jurisdictions develop programs grounded in best practice and translate ideas into meaningful action.

Impact Evaluation. Ryn is an econometrician steeped in advancement of the practice of evaluation, measurement and verification that artfully blends mathematics, engineering and behavioral science.

Project Snapshots

  • Performing impact evaluation of utility EV charging infrastructure programs
  • Assessing the financial and technical potential of demand response providers.
  • Representing clients on ISO-NE’s Demand Response Working Group.
  • Preparing technical briefs on new technologies.
  • Assisting utilities in developing scopes of work to programs
  • Developing evaluation plans for EV charging programs
  • Evaluating plug-in vehicle harging to provide grid ancillary services.
  • Analyzing the market potential for clean energy technologies.
  • Developing profiles of organizations to assess strategic opportunities for beneficial electrification
  • Participat ng development of national and state standards for basemeasurement and verification (baselines) for demand response and energy efficiency resources.
  • Participated in development a business plan for a geothermal heat pump program in Madrid, Spain.
  • Benchmarked a utility’s clean power electrification pathway based on analyses of initiatives in other leading states.
  • Analyzed a PJM capacity price fluctuations and its implications for demand response.
  • Examined the implications of state legislation on demand side resources in the wholesale market.
  • Managed a Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium’s grant with the EPA.
  • Participated in development of a business plan for a state’s smart energy design center.
  • Participated in the development of customized choice experiments supporting a mass transit market research study.

Conference Presentations and Panels

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Hamilton, R. “Energy Storage and the Integration of Renewables and Distributed Energy Resources.” Grid Modernization Forum, moderator.

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Hamilton, R. “Workshop on Smart Electric Vehicle Charging.” Moderator for session on ISO/RTO frequency regulation and reserves markets, Union of Concerned Scientists.

Hamilton, R. “Policy and Regulatory Change for Advancing the Smart Grid.” Grid Modernization Forum, conference chair and a session moderator

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